Welcome, Explorers!

Welcome to Road Maps: Around the World Adventure!

To complete your journey, you will virtually visit different cities and countries around the world to learn about new cultures, histories and perspectives.  As you travel, you will encounter some tasks along the way.  These tasks, called Explorations and Excursions, will help you learn more about the places you visit and are required for continuing your adventure. 

You will not know ahead of time which cities and countries you will visit during your journey.  As you arrive in each destination, take time to learn about the place and complete each Exploration and Excursion task to the best of your ability.  The work you submit for each task must be your own—plagiarism is not allowed on this journey.  

Preparing for your Adventure

  • If you are completing this as an assignment for class, ask your teacher which Adventure and Journey you should embark on and how many trips you should aim to complete.  If you are working on your own, you may choose any of the adventures/journeys to begin and complete as many trips as you like.
  • Download and save a copy of the Student Adventure Guide (or print one out) to keep track of your work as you complete your journey.  Be sure to write your name, Adventure Title and Journey Letter on the top of your paper.
  • To begin the race, click on the Adventure Title that you would like to begin (ask your teacher which one you should start with!). 

Helpful Tips for your Adventure


  • The EXPLORATION and EXCURSION tasks that you will encounter on your adventure will prompt you to watch short videos, read articles, explore maps and more.  You may also research additional information online to help you complete these tasks; however, your answers should be written in your own words.  Plagiarism will not be accepted.
  • If you are completing this assignment for class, be sure ask your teacher if you need to keep track of your answers on a Student Adventure Guide before you begin.  Road Maps will not save a copy of your work and your teacher will not be able to access your answers unless you copy them and save onto a Student Adventure Guide.

How to Pause your Journey:

  • If you need to take a break from your journey, you can exit the survey and come back at any time.  Only click “end my journey” if you do not plan on finishing your adventure.

How to End your Journey:

  • When you complete one trip of your journey, you are able to stop or continue on to the next trip.  To continue, simply click “continue my journey” when prompted by the activity.  To end your journey, click “end my journey.”  Once you click on “end my journey”, you will not be able return to your spot.  

How to Receive your Certificate of Completion:

  • When you complete at least one trip of a Road Maps journey, you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion.  If completing this activity for a teacher, ask your teacher if they will be distributing the certificates.  If completing on your own, the activity will prompt you to enter your name and email address, with the permission of a parent/guardian, for your certificate to be emailed to you.  

How to Enter the Prize Drawing:

  • As you complete each trip of your journey, you will be automatically prompted to enter your name and e-mail address to be entered into the drawing!  Only enter your information if you have permission from a parent/guardian.

Questions or concerns?

Let’s get started!

  1. Click on the Adventure below that would like to begin.  
  2. Download any materials that you will need to complete your Adventure
    • Ex.  Student Adventure Guide, extension activities, etc.
  3. If you are completing this activity for a class, confirm with your teacher that you are ready to begin.  
  4. Click to begin your journey

These journeys make up the original Road Maps adventure and are suited for students in grades 5-12, or anyone interested in learning more about the world around them!

Student Adventure Guide

Geography Adventure Extension Activity

Begin Journey A

Begin Journey B

Begin Journey C

Begin Journey D

Begin Journey E

World History Adventure:  These journey are suited for middle and high school students and align well with AP World History standards.

 World Religions Adventure: These journeys are designed for middle and high school students and explore major world religions.


Environmental Science Adventure:  These journeys are suited for middle and high school students and explore global environmental concerns, innovations and potential solutions